Turn your game changing
tech idea into reality

We build software for the logistics and supply chain industry, ten times faster.

We help CEOs in the logistics and supply chain industry turn their knowledge into disruptive, enterprise-grade, cross-device applications that can be monetised. We do this up to 10 times faster on our low-code platform.

Control your entire
application lifecycle
game-changing software
Build fast
see results early
Deploy everywhere on every device
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You need a powerful technology solution to give you a competitive advantage, but there's a problem ...


You dont have all the tech expertise

Unmet needs

Off-the-shelf software doesn't allow you to differentiate your brand


The divide between IT and business leaves the business side disempowered

Time poor

You need to focus on executing your strategy

App fatigue

You need to consolidate your business applications, because there are too many disconnected apps


Your last project went over budget and it doesn’t work on mobile
Bappo has done the hard work by pre-building the backend infrastructure and application components to save you time and money. We make it easy to build amazing customer, partner and employee experiences across all devices.

Your Tech Power Plan

We explore your game-changing tech idea and discover ways that technology can become a source of competitive advantage.
We help you design your database, business logic and user experiences.

We help you build a protoype in a couple of days.
We help you build a game-changing tech solution with a virtual team of experienced Bappo developers.
You can take the solution anywhere: You can watch your business scale 10X; Or you can become a global tech player.
Every business needs unique technology that can make it stand out in a crowded marketplace
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At Bappo we understand that you need powerful and scalable technology to enable your strategy

Our business skyrocketed and we had to have our hands firmly on the control. Bappo built us a rostering tool with accurate financial forecasting. I could sleep peacefully every night knowing exactly where the business was every day and where we were heading.
Robin Apfel - Bluleader
Our customers needed to adapt to a world of remote working and distributed workers. Bappo rebuilt our old desktop system for web and mobile within one month.
Helen Bothma - CDI International
We had a dream to create an all-in-one quoting solution for the logistics industry, but we didn't have the technical expertise in-house and everybody said it's impossible. Then Bappo became our tech partner and now the possibilities are endless
Bernadette Habkouk - Magellan Logistics

How can you build and scale your business in a software driven world?

Enable your strategy

Every business needs unique technology that can make it stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Empower the business

At Bappo Plus we empower you to build a game-changing tech solution for web & mobile up to 10 times faster, without heavy IT investment

Control the application lifecycle

We put you back in the driver’s seat so you can go wherever you can imagine.

Consolidate processes and applications

You can say goodbye to endless spreadsheets, manual processes, disjointed software and cloud clutter.

Build on the Bappo platform

Bappo is your all-in-one platform to transform your business from woe to go. The Bappo platform includes all the tools you need to manage your technology projects, control your design system, develop your solution and deploy to everyone everywhere.

Partner with BappoPlus

We provide you with a virtual team of certified Bappo designers and developers that will help you to set a strategic vision, design your database, configure your business logic, build your screens and create delightful user experiences for web and mobile devices across all customer touch points.

Leverage the coding tool

All the building blocks and components in Bappo are open-source and reusable. The Bappo coding tool gives you unlimited flexibility and power.

Own your secure data

Your data is secure and belongs to you. So, you’re not locked in.

Scale globally

We build your solution on our low-code platform that is securely hosted on AWS and fully scalable to allow you to roll it out globally to millions of users. You can even turn your idea into a Software as a Service (SaaS) and become the next tech giant.

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